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A subsidiary of Fleet Horizon Solutions (Pty) Ltd.


Horizon Medical provides integrated, end-to-end turnkey solution for medical equipment, patient transportation and environmentally sustainable medical waste management technology to healthcare industry. 


We offer innovative asset management solutions that include; consulting and advisory, selection and procurement, finance and use, maintenance, risk and disposal.  We provide predictable, flexible and scalable funding to ensure optimal health infrastructure and technology.

Our Mission


Our mission is to establish long-term strategic partnerships with our clients by providing them with essential, affordable and scalable healthcare solutions

Our Commitment


We commit to exceeding our clients’ expectations through consistent, quality services

Our Startegic Objectives

  • Enable our clients to improve their service delivery by ensuring the affordability of essential assets 

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system overall

Our Value Proposition

  • Affordable, flexible, scalable and  adaptable solutions to suit every location and level of care

  • Predictability of ring-fenced funding  for better financial management and budgeting